Money is usually the top reason readers don't go. Everyone tells me, “Matt, I simply don't have enough money to travel.”

This issue and its solution are my most frequently requested questions. I have answered this issue in many posts, emails, tweets,

and Facebook postings over the past 14 years. Because I talk about this topic so much, long-time readers may be tired of it. 

However often I address this question, it will come back again. Since this issue comes up often, I want to remind folks that you don't need to be rich to travel.

Creative travelers can find cheap and free alternatives to travel. Traveling the world for free seems unattainable. But it's feasible. Though not glamourous, it's achievable.

tour insurance should be a priority, but there are several ways to tour the world on a budget, including for free.

Learning how to travel cheaply involves using money-saving apps and websites, cutting costs, and even creating

money while traveling. Value and cutting expenses are key to doing what you want while staying under budget.

Using free lodging, transportation, and activities to travel for free reduces your cost to zero.

You can also get free flights and lodging with points and miles. Here, you forgo comfort and convenience to travel longer.

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