These Are The Best Places To Rest

Naturns Hotel Preidlhof, Bolzano

Forbes' first 'Sleep Tourism' destination is the Hotel Preidlhof, a spa facility in Northern Italy that offers 'Sleep Better' to help guests rediscover their sleep pattern.

Morocco's Selina Agafay

Selina Agafay near Marrakesh, Morocco, offers 'Sleep Tourism' and Glamping. In this tranquil oasis, travelers can sleep under the desert sky.

Provenance Hotel - Portland

The Provenance Hotel in Portland, Oregon, offers another 'Sleep Tourism' experience. Immersing guests in their chosen culture is the first rule.

Sofitel New York

To provide the best sleep, this premium New York hotel has constructed Sofitel MyBed beds.

Tropical Islands

Places like the Maldives, Seychelles, or Fiji offer beautiful beaches, warm weather, and luxurious resorts perfect for relaxation.

Amalfi Coast

Quiet coastal towns like Cinque Terre in Italy, Santorini in Greece, or Positano on the Amalfi Coast offer charming surroundings and a slower pace of life.

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