8 Techniques For Best Hair Ever 

Squeeze And Pat Hair

Do not rub or roughen. This causes tangling and roughens the hair cuticle, affecting strand smoothness.

Do Not Pile Hair On Top

That can cause unneeded entanglement. Instead, massage your scalp to clean it. Your hair will be cleansed by the suds.

Untangle Lengths Before Washing

It will require less detangling when damp, when hair is weakest.

Avoid Split Ends

Hair becomes finer and more delicate as the split continues up the shaft.

Scalp Brush

The best tool is your fingertips. Aggressive scalp brushes can harm scalp skin and cause knots.

Minimize Heat Styling

Heat causes strands to dry out, increasing hair porosity.

Hair Loss Shampoos

All types of hair loss are called hair loss. Since wash-off shampoos apply actives to a dilute environment and do not stay on the scalp, they cannot stop Female or Male Pattern Hair Loss.

Avoid Skipping BreakFast

Morning is when our hair cells are most active, making it a vital meal. Hair is made of protein, so eat plenty at every meal.

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