International Women’s Day 2024: 10 foods you can make to impress Indian moms

Paneer Tikka

A classic Indian appetizer made with marinated paneer cubes, vegetables, and spices, grilled or baked to perfection.

Palak Paneer:

A nutritious and flavorful dish made with spinach and paneer cooked in a creamy tomato-based gravy

Butter Chicken

A rich and indulgent dish featuring tender pieces of chicken cooked in a creamy and buttery tomato sauce.

Dal Makhani

A creamy and comforting lentil dish made with black lentils, kidney beans, butter, and cream.

Vegetable Biryani:

A fragrant and aromatic rice dish cooked with mixed vegetables, spices, and saffron.

Aloo Gobi:

A simple yet delicious dish made with potatoes (aloo) and cauliflower (gobi) cooked with onions, tomatoes, and spices.


A popular North Indian dish made with chickpeas cooked in a spicy and tangy tomato-based gravy.


Fragrant rice cooked with spices, vegetables, and sometimes meat, making it a delightful one-pot meal.

Gajar ka Halwa

A traditional Indian dessert made with grated carrots, milk, sugar, and ghee, garnished with nuts and dried fruits.


Soft and spongy cottage cheese balls cooked in sugar syrup, making it a delightful sweet treat to end the meal.

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