Walmart Will Be Closing 6 Stores Starting Next Week

With over 10,500 locations in 24 countries, Walmart is one of the world's most lucrative companies. Despite dominating the retail business

The Arkansas superstore chain revealed this week that it will close six shops in four states, starting next week.

Walmart told CBS 2 that its Lincolnwood, Ill. pickup-only shop will close on Feb. 17. "Decision was not made lightly and was reached only after a thorough

The company claimed, "As this is a pickup and delivery only location, we have taken what we learned

from this location and made it part of how we operate from our surrounding stores."

Homewood and Plainfield will be Walmart's next Chicago store closures after Lincolnwood. Due to poor financial performance,

the business will close the outlets by March 10. "There are many reasons a store closes and our decision is based on them."

Shoppers told Fox 32 Chicago that Walmart's low prices make the move a "big hit to the community" and that the store was "always busy."

Walmart's Silver Spring Drive and San Mateo stores in Milwaukee and Albuquerque will close on March 10.

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