When You Don't Turn Off Your Cell Phone on a Plane?

Any frequent flyer puts their phone on "airplane mode" before takeoff. In airplane mode, your phone is isolated from cellular networks but may be used and connected

It's unlikely your plane will crash. According to a 2017 Allianz Travel Insurance survey, 17.2% of travelers never put their phones in airplane mode.

We don't know what might happen because cell phone-plane interactions aren't thoroughly investigated. Boeing says "it has proven almost

"If you do not turn off your cell phone, it has the potential to interfere with navigation instruments," says former airline pilot and University of Nevada

Las Vegas professor Dan Bubb to Travel + Leisure. It's "potential" that the FAA and FCC will avoid any hazard, regardless of the reason.

The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations states: "Airplanes, balloons, and other aircraft shall not be operated with cellular phones when airborne. 

In-flight cell phone use may overload ground cell towers. Since takeoff and landing are critical, your phone connects to many towers while you travel at low altitudes.

Given all the passengers in the sky at any given time, that might strain the network near large airports. Once you're at cruising altitude

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