You Can Now Upgrade Your Southwest Seat Online Before Your Flight

Passengers flying Southwest Airlines can now upgrade their seats online ahead of their flight — for a fee.

Southwest said the new option, launched this spring as part of a series of flight experience changes, lets consumers boost their boarding number

while checking in on its website or mobile app. Sales of upgraded boarding end 30 minutes before departure and must be purchased within 24 hours of departure.

Southwest told Travel + Leisure the new function launched on Monday. Airport-purchased premium boarding was previously required.

"We announced our commitment in May to enhance our entire Customer Experience, from shopping and booking flights, to check-in, traveling onboard,

and to the arrival at the destination," the rep told T+L. "As part of this transformation, Customers now will be able to skip a line and go online to secure an Upgraded

This option costs $30 per segment and gives customers a boarding assignment position from A1 to A15. They board an aircraft first and get their preferred seat 

This upgrade is offered with Business Select seats, although customers in other ticket classes—including "Anytime," "Wanna Get Away," and the new "Wanna Get Away Plus"

Southwest also offers "EarlyBird Check-In," which automatically checks clients in before the 24-hour check-in period, ensuring a better boarding window.

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