You Can Score a Free Drink If You're Flying Southwest

Southwest Airlines is offering Valentine's Day discounts all month for travelers and loyalty program members.

Southwest customers will receive one free premium beverage, including new ready-to-drink coffee, on Tuesday, the holiday.

Customers over 21 can get the promotion while supplies last. Southwest sells Cruset Brut Sparkling Wine, Stone Cellars California Rosé

Southwest Rapid Rewards members can earn extra points for Valentine's Day purchases including flowers, chocolates, and dinner reservations

booked through the company's shopping portals or with promotional coupons. Reward members who use the coupon code SW17 to buy 1-800

Southwest suggests last-minute gifts for travel lovers with their themed goods. They also sell Valentine's Day t-shirts at the airline's store.

Southwest Airlines Senior Vice President Culture & Communications Whitney Eichinger remarked, "We are the airline with Heart, and we love to

celebrate the moments and people that matter in our Employees' and Customers' lives." "Whether that be giving the gift of travel, helping

Southwest Airlines canceled approximately 15,000 flights over the 2022 holiday season due to operational concerns. The airline is rebuilding

customer trust and operational stability. This month, Southwest CEO Bob Jordan presented the “Blueprint for Success” initiative. The plan includes “build on our legendary Hospitality”.

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